Why choose Well Link International Securities
Through continuous optimization of our trading system, we offer a comprehensive, service-oriented, and convenient mobile app trading platform for you to access the global markets!

Flexible standby margin line

Upgrade and adjust your standby margin line easily through the APP to get up to 10x leverage on stocks.
Support T+0 withdrawal, get your investment proceeds two days in advance.
Download the APP now to enhance your buying power in global markets.

Comprehensive Financial Group with Low Investment Costs

We are a comprehensive financial group with banking, life and general insurance businesses, yet our charges are as low as comparable online brokerages peers.
Idle fund in our platform can earn interest up to 3.8% per annum.

One Stop Global Investment Platform

Simply access the global markets with one simple APP.
Covering stocks, futures and options trading in the Hong Kong, US and China A-Shares markets.
Support online account opening, investing has never been easier.

Smart 24/7 Service

Deposit and withdraw funds between your bank and securities account on a real-time basis.
Multi-currency currency exchange in our APP to support cross-market trading.
Customer services support to answer your questions.
Get started and enjoy your new trading experience!
Comprehensive Investment Platform through our mobile APP that allows you to easily capture global investment opportunities.

Well Link International Securities Limited

Licensed and secure

    Well Link International Securities Limited is a participant of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong ("SEHK") (Participant ID: 02139) and a Direct Clearing Participant ("DCP") of the Hong Kong Securities Clearing Company Limited ("HKSCC")(Participant ID: B02139), We are also a participant of the Hong Kong Futures Exchange (HKFE) (HKATS code: EXC) and a participant of the Futures Clearing House (DCASS code: CEXC)。
    Well Link International Securities Limited (Central No.ACH191) is a licensed corporation regulated by the Securities and Futures Ordinance of the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission. We hold licenses for Type 1 (“Dealing in Securities”), Type 2 (“Dealing in Futures Contracts”), Type 4 (“Advising on Securities”), and Type 5 (“Advising on Futures Contracts”)
    The Hong Kong Investor Compensation Fund is established to pay compensation to investors of any nationality who suffer pecuniary losses as a result of a default of a licensed intermediary or authorized financial institution in relation to exchange-traded products in Hong Kong .It protects securities investors up to HKD 500,000 per person at the moment.